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The Fat Greek – First authentic Gyros shop in Denmark

Authentic Gyros

Good traditions, authenticity and quality – that’s what The Fat Greek is all about. That’s also why our meats and mushrooms are prepared over a charcoal grill, in order to get the exact same flavor as 150 years ago, back when food as prepared over the fire.

The marinades we use for our authentic Gyros with charcoal grilled chicken, pork or mushrooms, are made from our Greek Chef Dimitri’s grandfather’s recipes, that have been perfected through many years, after being passed down from generation to generation.

Our authentic flatbread is handmade by a local artisan’s bakery in Athens, that have been family run for centuries. They still bake their flatbread using the same recipe and method as many hundred years ago – actually all the way back to year 950. And Dimitri’s grandfather used the exact same bakery back when he was making his Gyros.

The original version of Gyros is made with pork, and for that one we use the most savory meat from the pork . The meat is very similar to the Japanese Wagyu beef, where the meat is highly saturated with marbling between the fibers, which ensures a phenomenal flavor.

Our authentic Gyros with the savory and tender pork neck fillet is served on traditional Greek flatbread, with our homemade tzatziki spread, onions, fresh tomatoes and crispy fries.

If pork is not your thing, you can go with our grilled chicken thigh Gyros, which is halal and grilled separately. Our authentic Gyros with grilled chicken is served on traditional Greek flatbread, with our homemade chili yoghurt spread, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and crispy fries.

And if you really don’t dig meat, you can spoil yourself with our 100% vegan Gyros with grilled mushrooms, which also is prepared separately on the grill. Our vegan Gyros is served on traditional flatbread with fresh tomatoes, onions, crunchy lettuce with a wonderful homemade grilled pepper spread and crispy fries.


Sunday to Thursday
Friday & Saturday

Boltens Food Court
Gothersgade 8F
DK-1123 Copenhagen


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